Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project based learning summary

This project based learning assignment taught me mroe then in any other class I have ever been in. It taught me how to really create a grant proposal but it also showed me that I can be a leader. Before I never thought that I could put together a program from the ground up. I can. i create a program that discussed how to bring real life into the classroom and get the community involved. This is needed in schools and i was able to describe how a professional development activity would be developed to discuss the program for the teachers involved. We created examples that really help the learner to see how money and other things really work in the real world. Developing a relationship on googledocs was hard at first but we were able to communicate very effectively on google documents.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

project based learning article

I found a very good article that discusses the effects of project based learning on a student. Hootstien (1994) describes how simulations can help a students to achieve more in this article it helps a student to see how something really works. It discusses a hands on activity. An activity that allows the student to create something. In school today we as teachers dont give a lot of time for studfents to explore. We guide them most of the time. A simulation allows a students to make there own mistakes and backtrack till they get it right. The main point of this article was
“Simulations help students to develop and practice their decision-making skills.” In school that should be our main goal anyway.

Hootstein, E. (1994). Motivating students to learn. The clearing house. 67 (4). 213.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivation and Technology Blog 11

Motivation was the topic of a project based learning proposal me and my group came up with to increase participation in students. This is because we realize that students will learn more if they are interesed in what is going on. I feel reallife is the way to get them motivated. After completing the assignemnt though I realize that using technology in the class is a really good way to motivation the students. Especially if the students are in a underprivilaged community.Theses students have not been exposed tro a lot of the equipment that others may have used. Therefore motivation will help them to become mroe involved.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Technology that promotes E-Learning Blog 10

Technology that supports elearning is very important. I am apart of a new STEM lab approach at Clayton, County Public Schools. The Stem lab allows the children to work with a diverse amount of equipment without having the actually having to have the large equipment in the room. It allows for the kids to use simulations. In my class we have a STEM lab which stands for science technology engineerign and math.