Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivation and Technology Blog 11

Motivation was the topic of a project based learning proposal me and my group came up with to increase participation in students. This is because we realize that students will learn more if they are interesed in what is going on. I feel reallife is the way to get them motivated. After completing the assignemnt though I realize that using technology in the class is a really good way to motivation the students. Especially if the students are in a underprivilaged community.Theses students have not been exposed tro a lot of the equipment that others may have used. Therefore motivation will help them to become mroe involved.

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  1. I think it is sad when I think about the underpriviledged students lacking technology at home. I encourage my students to go to the library and use the computers in town. The students are able to walk there and some use the technology there. Real life situations appeal to all students and I think our projects were very good.