Friday, September 25, 2009

Comic Life Project

The comic life project was much better then the Voicethread project for several reasons the first reason is because we were more experienced as a group. During the first project we had to learn how to work as a team at the same time as we learned how to complete the Voicethread assignment. Its difficult enough to work in an online environment because no one is online at the same time. During this project I was very impressed by the leader’s ability to explain the project to everyone. She seemed to be constantly online and that made me feel very comfortable.
The assignment itself was also very eye opening. I never heard of this software but I will use it because it is something that I am sure students will love because of its comic book format. There is so much you can do with it. I decided to use it to make a fact sheet for class and give it to the student so they could use it study from about the different characteristics of certain planets in our solar system.
All in all I have to admit this was not what I expected I expected to be confused like I was during the first project but I think it is just because we were new as a group. Comic Life can be a very useful tool from kindergarten all the way up through college because it is flexible and easy to use. Its ease of use is what made this project easier

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  1. You found a good way to use Comic Life with your planet study. You are right- it should appeal to visual learners. It is so colorful and packed with information! Nice new look to your blog, too.