Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Technology that supports Content Learning Post 2

I dont know how new this technology is but clickers have just now made its debut in the classrooms at my school. The studetns absolutly love it. It helps the kids to feel like they are playing more of a game then learning. This is a good thing because many times kids will not participate because they think they are learning. The clickers puts things into game format. In this format the students are answering questions from slides that are related to the material that is being studied. The kids pay a lot of attnetion to the slides because they never know when the next slide is going to be a question.

I have found this a very innovative way to create competition. Creating competition creates learning. As with any technology there is a downfall. The only downfall is that the students whisper the anwers to one another. This can take away from the point of the clickers. Very good classroom management has to be used.


  1. Clickers can be fun! You are right- the kids see it as more of a game and are more actively engaged than they are during a regular review of material.

  2. I could have used a clicker today as I went though a PowerPoint of S.S. information with my students. They lose focus so quickly, I try to be sure to insert Brainpop Videos and activities in between slides. The clicker would really keep them on their toes though and I like how it requires participation from all. Is the clicker technology different than a response system?