Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The missing piece of Technology Integration Post 1

This article focuses on how visual literacy in technology integration. Visual literacy has to do with the way that a finished product looks. Many times the use of technology has become more important then the visual product. The courses that many colleges or universities have for their teachers to incorporate technology into their classes do not take into account visual literacy. Visual literacy is mainly based on creativity so it is difficult to train formally. The way that PowerPoint’s and other visual instructional tools are used is important to convey information the audience. One definition within technology is a scientific process based on visual perception. Instructional technology is important because all students need to be taught using different forms of technology. This helps students and teachers.

Sosa, T. , (2009). Visual Literacy: The missing piece of your technology integration course.Career and Technical Education. 51 (2). Retrieved August 22, 2009, from http:// proquest.umi.com

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