Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Technology Integration Definition

Technology IntegrationTechnology integration is defined as the use of technology to enhance and support the educational environment. The educational environment can be enhanced by allowing the students access to materials and reference that they would otherwise not be able to use. This can be done through the use of the internet. One example would be the use of the internet to put student in contact with first had sources that could give them information about a certain subject they were studying. Many times in education the textbooks are outdated and the internet would allow the students access to much more updated material. Technology integration in the classroom can also support classroom instruction by creating opportunities for students to complete assignments on the computer rather than the normal pencil and paper. The computer has access to graphics and other functions students can use to express their creativity. Technology integration does not always have to do with the computer. It can be the use of the overhead projector, student response clickers, etc. Enhancing how the student learns is very important in technology integration.

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  1. I agree that the use of technology in the classroom helps engage the learners. There are many different types of technology teachers can use. These benefit all types of learners: visual,auditory, and kinesthetic.