Saturday, October 24, 2009

Critical thinking Post 6

I think a new technology that supports critical thinking would be the new ways that teachers are using computerized programs to differentiate student k learning. One of these programs is called IPASS. IPASS is a math program that the students can log into and develop a plan based on what they know already and build off of that. The first thing the program does is test the student to see if the student is on a certain level the teacher can log in to see what level they are on and cater to the students needs. At the same time the math program questions and tests the student the entire time. It supports critical thinking as well because it uses real life examples in the math program. This is good because students can see how they use math in their everyday life.


  1. We use a similar software at my school, Successmaker. However, I do not believe the program uses many real-world problems to support critical thinking. Perhaps I don't see that because I teach kindergarten. Maybe their problems are far more basic than those for older students.

  2. We have successmaker in the computer lab too, but I have never used it. I will look into it to see if it is real life focused.