Monday, October 19, 2009

Turning Point Promoting creativity Post 8

I think that turning point software promotes creativity and productivity. Turning point is a program that allows students and teachers to create slideshows with questions embedded in the slides. Embedding them in the slides allows the students and teachers to promote productivity because the people that are reading the slides are paying a lot of attention to detail because they want to be able to answer the questions on the upcoming slides. Also this promotes productivityfor the teachers because they are able to grade work quickly and get things graded fast. In the system we use at our school when the kids answer usign the clickers the grade can go directly to the gradebook.

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  1. This program sounds like a great way to add an element of interactivity to teacher lecture. Sometimes teacher lecture is an unavoidable element of a unit. Adding questions along the way like you described is a great way to quickly assess if your students are understanding what you are teaching them and it keeps them focused on what you are saying.