Monday, October 26, 2009

Motivating student learning Post 9

Increasing student participation is very important because many times if we can get the students to participate we can also get the students to learn. The main problem though is motivation. Motivation is something that has to be within a student. We as educators job is not to motivate them but to get the intrisic motivation out of them. THe way that my group is tryign to get it out of them is by helping the students see the use of real world application. Many times students have to try to figure out why they have to learn a certain subject. They may ask, why do I have to learn this, I aint gonna never use it. THis is untrue. My group looks to influence the students motivation by showing them how they will use certain things they learn in real life.


  1. You are right- when students see how they can use the information we want them to learn, they value it more. They will pay closer attention to what you tell them because they can see how it will be helpful in their lives.

  2. I think we chose a very powerful focus for our PBL proposal. One that is an issue in all grade levels and all schools across the country. We were all able to learn something we could apply to our own classrooms.