Monday, October 5, 2009

New Technology that supports collaboration Post 4

I think that the best technology that I have seen that supports collaboration would be Google Docs. We have been usign this in class and I am not afraid to say that it excites me to be able to work online at different times t get work done on the same assignment. In my class we have boon using it and everyone seems to understand the imporantce of collaborating. It also allows everyones voice to be heard. In a regular group setting. some people get left out because there voice is not heard in google docs everyone has a chance to do some part in the editing process. The other group members may redo or erase the editing but they are forced to read it. THis tyoe of shared document is the future and it really excites me.


  1. I too have enjoyed using Google Docs to collaborate on our group projects. This is only the second time I have used this tool for a class, but I think it can be very efficient and worthwhile. I would like to incorporate it somehow into my own classroom. It's great food for thought!

  2. The only two things I have found so far that I do not like about collaboration through GoogleDocs is the fact that collaborators can edit or delete contributions of others (which you mentioned) and that strange things happen when more than one contributor are editing at the same time. I do like, however, that GoogleDocs can be accessed from any computer with internet access and at any time. Nice and convenient!